Pace University is proud to run the FIRST® Tech Challenge program for the Hudson Valley, Capital, and Eastern Adirondack regions of New York. We have been a FIRST partner since 2003 and are one of about 200 universities which provide exclusive scholarship opportunities for students in FIRST programs while in high school.

Our neighboring regions in New York state:

What is FIRST Tech Challenge?

FIRST Tech Challenge is an accessible, challenging robotics competition for students in grades 7 – 12. Over 5,000 teams are expected to participate this season. Students in FTC design and build a robot using aluminum, polycarbonate, motors and servos, sensors, and a variety of other materials. They program and control it using Android Smartphones with Java or a Blocks-based graphical language.

Each year teams are challenged with a new game. They compete at tournaments, where teams play a series of matches, each time being partnered with a different team. They also interview with judges who reward their achievements throughout the season in design, engineering, outreach, and other categories.

Participants are eligible to apply for exclusive scholarships totaling more than $80 million. Pace University is one of about 200 providers in this program. View all the opportunities!