Mobile App Development

These days, almost everything can be done on the go. From banking and emailing to gaming and watching Game of Thrones, your cellphone is a constant companion in your day-to-day life.

Phones are powered by applications. These applications allow you to use GPS and maps to display the route of your run or bike ride and how long it took you to go each mile. Apps tell you when the next 6 train is departing from Brooklyn Bridge, what your latest grade is in your web programming class, and how to say “computer science” in French.

It’s l’informatique.

At the Seidenberg School, we are committed to powering education and innovation through programs involving cutting-edge technologies such as mobile, wearable, and Internet of Things (IoT). We offer classes covering all aspects of mobile technology, from conceiving and developing apps to using mobile innovations to address social and global challenges in areas like health, microfinance, education, and civic activism.

At the New York Campus, the Pace Mobile Lab hosts a wealth of events, including hackathons and crash courses in app development for professionals, as well as introductions to mobile app development for high school students. Research is wide and varied, and our areas of interest include wearables like Lilypad boards to design new fashion clothes and accessories, analysis of mobile datasets to determine movement of population, and mobile for development through MobileSenegal, an initiative founded here at Seidenberg in 2008 that aims to promote mobile app development and innovation in Senegal.

In Westchester, the annual WestchesterSMART Mobile App Development Bowl brings hundreds of high school and college students together to build apps for older users as part of our gerontechnology efforts.

Mobile app development combines tech skills, usability, and design elements, which result in lucrative careers and the chance to build something to improve the lives of others.

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