Adjunct Faculty

One of the greatest advantages of Pace University’s location in New York is access to a wealth of highly qualified, experienced individuals who are at the forefront of their profession. Many of these subject matter experts enjoy teaching in their spare time alongside their full time positions and choose to do so with the Seidenberg School as adjunct professors.

At Seidenberg’s New York City and Pleasantville campuses, as well as online, adjunct professors teach classes and share their expertise at the undergraduate and the graduate level. Students have the opportunity to learn from individuals who are at various, exciting places in their careers and who work at impressive companies. Some of the companies our adjunct professors work or have worked at include Google, IBM, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Sirius XM, Bloomberg, and more. They have held positions at all levels – including up to the C level – and are at various stages of the journey through working life that awaits our students after graduation.

Each of our adjunct professors is hand-picked by the Chair of Computer Science and the Chair of Information Technology. The Dean of the Seidenberg School also brings new adjuncts on board and many of our own alumni come back to Seidenberg to share their knowledge and insights. Below is a list of our current adjunct professors.

Acampora, Joseph—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Barabasi, Istvan—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Bernard, Christopher—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Blackwood, Martina—Adjunct Instructor
Blue, Jon—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Brooks, Teresa—Adjunct Associate Professor
Bukofser, Judith—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Buttigieg, William—Adjunct Associate Professor
Carpenter, Ward—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Chacko, George—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Chernak, Yuri—Adjunct Associate Professor
Chin, Jimmy—Adjunct Associate Professor
Clarke, Peta-Gay—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Coakley, Michael—Adjunct Instructor
Cowell, Jevon—Adjunct Instructor
Crocetti, Giancarlo—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cronin, John—Adjunct Lecturer
Cruz, Sebastian—Adjunct Instructor
Curry, James—Adjunct Assistant Professor
D'Agostino, Rebecca—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Daniels, Catharina—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dantzig, Paul—Adjunct Professor
Delgado, Augusto—Adjunct Instructor
Delphin, Yves—Adjunct Associate Professor
DiMeglio, Giuseppe—Adjunct Instructor
Dimoski, Danny—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Edeki, Charles—Adjunct Associate Professor
Ellrodt, Lisa—Adjunct Instructor
Elson, Stephanie—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Everett, Joseph—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Gandhi, Dhruvil—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ganis, Matthew—Senior Adjunct Professor
Gaylord, Henry—Adjunct Instructor
Genc, Murat—Adjunct Instructor
Harrow, Nicole—Adjunct
Hershenson, Iris—Adjunct Associate Professor
Hutnik, Stephen—Adjunct Associate Professor

Jayaraman, Saravanan—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Johnson, Rayal—Adjunct Associate Professor
Kakaroumpas, Dionysios—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Keeley, Leanne—Adjunct Instructor
Kopel, Jaclyn—Adjunct Lecturer
Lewis, Nathifa—Adjunct Instructor
Liang, Yaobin—Adjunct Instructor
LNU, Kaleemunnisa—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Locklear, Hilbert—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Margolis, Barnett—Adjunct Lecturer
Miller III, Richard—Adjunct Instructor
Miraj, Llesh—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mustafa, Shahed—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Nassar, Nader—Adjunct Instructor
Nuseir, Moath—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Obaidullah, Kazi—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pantoliano, Richard—Adjunct Lecturer
Penchina, Cynthia—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pisco, Jennifer—Adjunct
Poli, Matthew—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Saccente, Vincent—Adjunct Associate Professor
Sahakian, Haik—Adjunct Instructor
Sanders, Joseph—Adjunct Instructor
Saratovsky, Fallon—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sarbanes, Anastasio—Adjunct Associate Professor
Simo, Altion—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Snyder, Diane—Adjunct Lecturer
Snyder, Gordon—Adjunct Instructor
Solis De Ovando, Eugenio—Adjunct Associate Professor
Tsekhansky, Alex—Adjunct Associate Professor
Uhl, Nancy—Adjunct Instructor
Uzamere, Helen—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Vasseur, Pedro—Adjunct Instructor
Virgona, Thomas—Adjunct Associate Professor
Watkins, John—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Westfall, Lewis—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Wisor, Sandra—Adjunct Assistant Professor
Wong, Henry—Adjunct Associate Professor