Data Science

Data science and analytics are an increasingly important aspect of today's business technology world. With the advent of smartphones, social media, and real-time digital steaming, the volume of data constantly being transmitted by technology users doubles every two years. That is an overwhelming amount of datatoo much for older methods of data analysis to cope withbut as computer scientists and information systems specialists, it's our job to figure out the best ways to collect, analyze, and learn from massive sets of data.

It's no surprise that businesses and organizations are anxious to get a handle on big data. With so much information readily available that can help unlock new markets and reach greater audiences, it's crucial that organizations learn how to manage and utilize massive amounts of data. At the Seidenberg School, our informations systems bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as our master's in enterprise analytics, delve into data analysis and train students to become experts in this burgeoning field. We also offer an online master’s in data science.

Big data is not just about analyzing information; in fact, there's much more to it than that. Other than the actual analysis of data, analysts have to know how to gather the data in the first place; the tools that best fit the job of sorting, warehousing, and analyzing it; how to "translate" the results into something your boss can understand via charts, animations, and storytelling; and how to use it to make important recommendations for enterprise-level decision making.

We believe in providing our students with hands-on, practical experience to go along with their theoretical foundation. Students who wish to gain real experience with big data can visit the Applied Data and Networking Sciences lab to work with real data sets and hone their skills. Our faculty and students work together on research into big data and its implications for how we conduct business and market research, as well as its impact in how we operate as a society. 

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