Michael L. Gargano Student-Faculty Research Day

What is Michael L. Gargano Research Day?

The Michael L. Gargano Student-Faculty Research Day is an annual internal conference that takes place on the Pace University Pleasantville campus.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity for students at all levels to present their research. It is conducted similarly to external conferences: the review of papers approximates the standard peer review process of external conferences, it includes sessions, session chairs, and time monitored presentations, and it includes occasional keynote speakers.

Presentations by faculty and students cover a variety of topics, for example data analytics, internet of things, mobile applications, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Papers are published in a single volume, which is available on the day of the conference.

History of Research Day

The first Research Day Conference was held in 2003 and was a response to the little research conducted at Seidenberg School prior to the launch of the Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing (DPS) program. In 2001, Dr. Charles Tappert began using real-world masters-level projects to support doctoral research and in the same year six papers by Seidenberg students were presented at MASPLAS 2001 at IBM Research. Pace University hosted the conference the following year before starting its own conference in 2003.

Previously named Student-Faculty Research Day, the conference was renamed in 2009 to commemorate Michael L. Gargano, faculty member and chair of the Computer Science department at the Seidenberg School. Dr. Gargano was continually engaged in research activities and often contributed papers to the conference. He recruited numerous students to the DPS program and served as advisor to many of them.

Interested in presenting your research?

Research Day is organized by Dr. Charles Tappert and welcomes submissions each year from students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Papers typically must be submitted one month before the conference day, and should be formatted in IEEE proceedings style.

Read about recent research days on the Seidenberg School blog.

Interested in submitting a paper? Keep an eye on Seidenberg School social media for announcements and Dr. Tappert’s Research Day website!