Faculty Grants

Our faculty is committed to cutting-edge, meaningful research. From robotics, to computer forensics, security and defense research, Seidenberg's professors are making a difference and engaging their students in research along the way.

Following is a partial list of recent grants received by the faculty of the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems:

  • CyberCorps Scholarship for Service
    A scholarship program that enables students to engage in cybersecurity research and work in exciting jobs for the government.
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  • GenCyber Teachers' Program
    GenCyber is a weeklong summer program for high school teachers that trains them in cybersecurity education and methods to bring into the classroom.
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  • FTFS: A Read/Write Optimized Fractal Tree File System
    The research goal of this grant is to test a file system built around write-optimized dictionaries for modern computer storage devices.

  • A Humanoid Robot for Investigating Spatial Understanding in Human-Robot Collaboration
    This Office of Naval Research DURIP grant aims to test human-robot interaction using a humanoid robot and virtual reality.

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