Healthcare and Life Sciences IT

Visit any healthcare center and you will discover a place of technology. Using computers, the healthcare industry has made and will continue to make massive leaps forward when it comes to diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating illnesses and injuries, as well as making continual steps toward improving the quality of life. Technology has been integrated into patient treatment, from annual check ups to the treatment of serious illnesses, as well as within the life sciences to improve health outcomes. The Seidenberg School collaborates with the New York Genome Center to combine knowledge and innovation in the healthcare industry. Ivan G. Seidenberg, who the School is named after, is also a co-founder of the NYGC.

Technology is not only present in healthcare tech like medical machines, it is also part of security and compliance, particularly as many medical institutions collect millions of people's private information in their health records. Cybersecurity plays a strong role in the industry as security staff work to ensure that private data remains protected. Given the masses of information collected on a daily basis by medical and research centers, big data and analytics also has a role within the healthcare IT sector.

The Seidenberg School has held events bringing key figures from the healthcare IT industry through our doors, and the 2016 Leadership and Service in Technology Awards honored the Founding Director and CEO of the NY Genome Center, Robert B. Darnell, MD, PhD, as well as Pace alumni Mike Capone '93, the COO of Medidata Solutions, Inc.

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