In one video, you'll see a robot moving around an enclosure. In the other, you'll see the enclosure through the robot's recording camera 'eyes'. Play them together to get the full effect, and see just one of the things that goes on at the Seidenberg School's Robotics lab!

We love robotics, and there are several different robotics events that happen at Seidenberg. The Seidenberg Robotics Lab, directed by Paul Benjamin, PhD, is where the bulk of our robotics research takes place. Students and faculty conduct research into ADAPT robotic cognitive architecture as part of a National Science Foundation grant between Pace University, Fordham University, and Brigham Young University. 

Our research also takes us into intelligent agents for network security, and our students have done tremendous work in virtual reality and pattern recognition. 

Seidenberg offers several academic courses pertaining to robotics: 

  • CS396 Introduction to Pattern Recognition
  • CS 619 Data Mining
  • CS627 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS630 Intelligent Agents
  • CS631 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • DCS 802 Data Mining

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