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Spring 2021

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Spring 2021

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Spring 2021

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When solving problems, I find there is nothing quite so practical as a good theory.


Dr. Calloway grew up in beautiful Colorado. Sheis currently Professor of Information Systems at the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems at Pace University. She earned her PhD and her MA in Management Information Systems at the New York University Stern School, with a minor in Interactive Telecommunications form the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Her current research interests focus on assessing interactive digital literacy in students from accounting, information systems and computer science. This work has recently been published in the Global Journal of Accounting and Finance, and the Journal of Accounting Information. Her research also focuses on the use of Computer and Information Technology to support sustainability initiatives that improve the lives of people and includes integrating interactive web creativity into curriculum and system design.

Before becoming an academic Dr. Calloway worked as a Systems Programmer for ITT World Communications in New York, as a NASA subcontractor in Cape Canaveral Florida, and at Chevron Research Corporation in California. Dr. Calloway did her undergraduate work at University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of California at Berkeley, where she worked with the Advanced Research Projects Agency. The ARPA project became DARPA, supported by the Department of Defense. The ARPA project worked on the development of multiprogramming and multithread systems.

Dr. Calloway is also a photographer, where she explores the fascinating connections we all have with the natural world and how these connections let us understand our day to day life.


PhD, New York University, 1989
Information Systems/Interactive Telecommunications

M.Phil., New York University, 1985
Information Systems

BA, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1970
English, Mathematics, Philosophy

Awards and Honors

Pforzheimer Research Center, January 01, 2014 - Accepted to Pforzheimer Center Research Forum, 2013-2014
Faculty Council New York City Campus, January 01, 2014 - Kenan Fund for Faculty Development
Cisco Systems, March 24, 2005 - Cisco Professor Professional Security Development
Who's Who of Women in Education, January 1, 2005 - Appointed for inclusion in the Honors Edition of Who's Who of Women in Education
Americas Conference on Information Systems: AMCIS, August 5, 2004 - Certificate of Merit
International Applied Business Research conference, 2004, March 15, 2004 - Best Paper Award


O'Callaghan, S., Calloway, L., Walker, J. P., Elson, R., Dwyer, C., Boumediene, S. & Boumediene , S. (2017). Global Journal of Accounting and Finance. Vol Volume 5 (Issue Issue #1) , pages 113-132. http://www.igbr.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/GJAF_Vol_5_No_1_2021.pdf

Digital Literacy: A Comparison Between Non-Native English Speaking Students and Native English Speaking Students
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Digital Literacy: What Do Accounting Students Need?
Calloway, L., O'Callaghan, S., Walker, J., Dwyer, C. & Elson, R. (2020, May).

Digital Literacy: Assessing Perceived differences among Computing Students from two nearby Universities
Calloway, L., O'Callaaghan, S., Binbasioglu, M., Walker, J., Dwyer, C. & Elson, R. (2019, August). http://www.researchgate.net/publication/334677945_DIGITAL_LITERACY_ASSESSING_PERCEIVED_DIFFERENCES_AMONG_COMPUTING_STUDENTS_FROM_TWO_NEARBY_UNIVERSITIES

Assessing Perceived Digital Literacy Between Computer Science Majors and Information Systems Majors: A Pilot Study
Calloway, L., O'Callaghan, S., Walker, J., Dwyer, C. & Elson, R. (2019, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). Global Journal of Business Pedagogy. Vol 2 (Issue 1) , pages 31-46. http://www.igbr.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/GJBP_Vol_2_No_1_2018.pdf

Assessing Perceived Digital Literacy Among Millennials and Generation Z Computing Majors
Calloway, L. (2018, September). Vol 1 (Issue 2) , pages 214. http://www.igbr.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Proceedings-Las-Vegas-2017.pdf

Born in the Morning Rain
Calloway, L. (2017, October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 13). Vol 1 , pages 48. http://Discoveringmeaninginlife.blogspot.com


O'Callaghan, S., Walker, J., Calloway, L., Dwyer, C. & Elson, R. (2017, October 12). Global Business Conference. Assessing Perceived Digital Literacy Between Computer Science Majors and Information Systems Majors: A Pilot Study. Institute for Global Business Research, Las Vegas, Nevada.


Exploring innovative methodologies for information Systems research
Exploring strategic alliances among Information Systems and other disciplines including Performing Arts
Exploring and analyzing undergraduate understanding of and capabilities in Digital LIteracy

Intellectual Property

Copyright: Born in the Morning Rain


Educational Video [Internet], 2017
Interviewed as a spokesperson and participant in Seidenberg's initiative to serve students with disabilities created by Dr. James Lawler

http://Dmil0.com [Internet], April012015
Discovering Beauty: New York. Blog featuring personal reflections, poetry and photographs

Interview video in support of Pace University disabilities outreach program [TV], September262013
Interviewed by the AHRC NYC inclusion program director in support of teaching students affiliated with the AHRC NYC in regular classes. I have taught four students in four different classes. The date below is a best guess.


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