Software Engineering

Given that software is what we use when we interact with computers, it's to be expected that software development and software engineering forms a large part of our research and academic interest at the Seidenberg School. Whether you're using it via your laptop, your iPhone, your Fitbit or when telling the microwave to heat up your coffee, software is what enables us to use computers as tools and entertainment.

At Seidenberg, our MS in Software Development and Engineering offers a wealth of classes that provide our students with an education in software programming for myriad platforms, including mobile app development and robotics. The MS in Software Development and Engineering is also offered in a 100% online format. Careers in software engineering are countless, as it is one of the fields that has applications in just about every industry.

It also ties into many of our other research initiatives. As the backbone so much of computing relies on, software engineering is a part of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and big data. More specific to Seidenberg, we find that it relates closely to the work we do in the NYC Design Factory: the design thinking method for research, design, development, implementation, and maintenance lends itself very well to software engineering.

With faculty and students working together on various research projects, software engineering is a big aspect of what we do at Seidenberg. Our students become excellent programmers and develop the vision to come up with software solutions with real life applications. If you are interested in pursuing a degree or discussing research opportunities with our faculty, get in touch!

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