Tech Kids Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization that aims to bring technology-based education to kids who have special needs. The program has been developed to cater to 9-17 year olds who learn differently, so they can fully engage with today's technology as creators and developers rather than just as consumers.

TKU was founded by educator Beth Rosenberg after she realized that her son, who learns differently, was not being exposed to technology during school days despite being passionate about it. The program now involves a wealth of events and activities, including guest lectures at conferences, schools, and various organizations, as well as weekend workshops, weeklong workshops, Saturday night tech socials, and more. 

Pace University is a partner of the program and hosts events and workshops, such as summer programs where kids use project-based learning to conquer software like the Adobe Creative Suite, movie editing software, programming languages like HTML 5 and Swift, music software like Audacity and GarageBand, and 3D software including SketchUp. Several of our faculty, students, and alumni are part of the TKU as teachers, counselors or web developers, and the Seidenberg Dean, Dr. Jonathan Hill, is a member of the board. 

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